As we ready our FPL squads for the Gameweek 23 of the Premier League season, some players are naturally drawing our attention, be that due to an attractive cheap pricetag or indeed increased opportunity. Here, @FPLJesus brings us some players he believes are under-owned when both those factors are weighed, and also a few players who he feels are over-owned. Who should you buy, and who should you sell?


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Under-owned – Buy


Alex Iwobi 2.4% Owned – £5.9m

It is not a bad time to have Arsenal representation at present with Hull and Watford two of the Gunners next three opponents but finding a differential within their squad isn’t so easy.

Walcott has punished owners with inconsistency while Giroud is always balancing somewhere between a blank and a brace making it hard for managers to consider anyone other than Alexis Sanchez long term.

However with 26 points spread across his last four games for Arsenal Alex Iwobi has begun to emerge as a contender for FPL midfields.

It appears a low risk investment with decent reward potential over the next three gameweeks and some FPL managers may remember this is not the first time Iwobi has been an encouraged signing in fantasy football for these reasons.

Its true his numbers aren’t anything like as prolific as some of his team mates but he has potential for both goals and assists at a low cost.


Tom Davies – 2.2% Owned, £4.4m

Boasting even better value than Alex Iwobi right now is young Everton midfielder Tom Davies. Enjoying a consistent FPL scoring run of 6-8-6 points in his last three fixtures, Davies has emerged as a real talent in an Everton side set for a kind run of fixtures going into GW23.

Stoke, Bournemouth, Middlesbrough and Sunderland are the Toffees next 4 opponents who lets not forget just beat Man City 4-0 in GW21 winning 4 of their last 5 games.

Davies scored against Man City suggesting there could be potential in recruiting the youngster. Anyone who has seen him play will have seen his drive to win battles and sign him up based on that, others may just be happy with his consistent returns, low ownership and cost.


Anthony Martial – 2.4% Owned, £9.2m

On the surface choosing Anthony Martial is a bad idea and it is easy to see why mainly because he is expensive for a midfielder and most managers are looking for value this season. In 2.4% ownership there is a clear lack of managers choosing to include the Frenchman in their lineups.

Jose Mourinho has changed his front three too often for Fantasy managers to trust in any option other than Zlatan but in recent fixtures Martial looks to have reminded his boss why he has become such a huge fan favourite in his 18 months at Man United.

Many were thrilled to see Martial listed as a midfielder this season but due to his absence on the pitch managers have not been able to reap the potential rewards. Hull, Leicester and Watford are Uniteds next 3 opponents until cup comitments will interfere with their FPL involvement but until the FA cup returns in 3 weeks Martial could threaten to be United’s key weapon.

As demonstrated against Reading and Wigan in the cup, Martial an kill games on his own, and manager Jose will have noticed this even if FPL managers have not.


Over-owned – Sell


Robert Snodgrass – 10% Owned, £5.7m 

West Ham signings have faired mostly terrible in the FPL in recent seasons. Antonio and Payet the obvious exceptions, is there a single attacking West Ham player apart from Andy Caroll anyone has chosen for their FPL side in the last 12 months?

The answer is certainly not twice as players like Feghouli, Tore, Calleri, Sakho, Valencia, Zaza and Andre Ayew have all presented themselves available for selection for FPL managers and ultimately served up what must be half a dozen points between them all.

The fact is Snodgrass played well for Hull in the first half of the season but was so desperate to avoid championship football he forced a move away to whoever would take him.

The potential he had in the Fantasy game is no longer representative of what his stats are actually reporting, the context has changed too much. Many will expect him to hit the ground running and start loving life as Payet’s replacement and it isnt beyond the realms of possibility. The stats do say he is a decent FPL option its true, but the stats also say that West Ham signings dont fair well in the fantasy game.


Cesar Azpilicueta – 20.4% Owned, £6.6m

Top scoring defender in the FPL this season until the last Gameweek ended, Azpilicueta has two tough fixtures upcoming in Liverpool away before a visit from Arsenal to Stamford Bridge. It will be a tough ask for Azpilicueta to achieve anything in these games making it seem a decent idea to ditch the Spaniard and reinvest the cash.

At 20% owned it is arguable that owning the left back wont benefit owners too much either way but by jumping on a lower owned player with a greater chance of cleans in the next 3 weeks the jump in rank could be huge if Chelsea concede but the new recruit does not.


Virgil Van Dijk – 10% Owned, £5.8m

Flagged with an ankle injury until march 4th the future Liverpool flop will miss a run for Southampton which promised a lot of defensive potential.

While managers can soldier on with other Saints options Van Dijk will have have to be abandoned in favour of Seamus Coleman (£0.2m cheaper) or Chris Brunt (£0.8m cheaper) if you still don’t have him.


Remember to submit your #FPLELITE50 lineup for this gameweek! Deadline is at 7.45pm tonight!!


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