We just wanted to bring you a quick update on FPLELITE50 for the month of March. The Double Gameweek for both Manchester City and Stoke City meant that City players were understandably very popular among managers. That turned out to not be the optimal strategy as Redmond (15), Mane (14), Firmino (13), Alli (13), Hazard (12) and Mahrez (11) outscoring the top City midfielder options Silva (8) and Sterling (7).

Further down the list, Kevin De Bruyne only managed to score 4 points across the two games, while Sane (13) is not available to select in the Elite 50 game this month. If he keeps up his performance level, he will be a transfer in for next month’s game.


Up front, Sergio Aguero turned out to be a disappointing selection with 10 points across the two gameweeks… outscored by Harry Kane (14) and matched by Diego Costa with half the playing time.


Top of our leaderboard is @FPLGeneral who was a guest on this week’s Fanfeud FPL Show with 37 points from Sergio Agüero, Sadio Mané, Raheem Sterling, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. With two more gameweeks in the month, there is plenty of points still to be won so get your lineup picked for GW28 now!! Go to Fanfeud.co.uk and pick your 5 players in seconds.

The prize for the top manager each month is an FPL T-shirt courtesy of game sponsors Fantasyfootballtshirts.co.uk, and the game is free to play so get involved this weekend!


Elite50 table GW27