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Introducing FPL Elite 50: An ALL NEW format on Fanfeud

The Premier League season is literally around the corner, with only one weekend between us and the new season. Fantasy fans everywhere are like kids at Christmas, hoping against hope that they will be rewarded for all their diligent preparation and analysis! Here at Fanfeud Towers, things are no different for us. With one important difference, we have had the honour of wrapping up a fantasy surprise for you all!




This season on we will continue to bring you chances to win cash from your FPL knowledge with all the biggest games each gameweek available to play. You can choose to play for free as you get used to the format and when you are ready to play for the cash pot you can put your £3 in the hat! Win that game, and win the cash. No waiting around until the end of the season unlike in season long FPL games.


In addition to that, we are delighted to announce that we will be featuring a new game this year called FPL Elite 50. Sponsored by, the top 50 fantasy players in FPL will be available for selection each and every gameweek, and all you have to do is pick the 5 players you believe will perform best each gameweek. Sounds easy right?!

FPL Elite 50 is 100% free to play and the manager of the month will receive the FPL T-shirt of their choice from the fantastic

Go to and go to the FPL Elite 50 game for GW1!


FPL Elite 50


To help us round out our top 50 defenders, midfielders and forwards in FPL we are asking for YOUR help! In the poll at the bottom of this piece, pick the player you most want to see make the FPL ELITE 50 listing for the month of August.




Our original plan was to pick the 40 most expensive options in FPL and leave the final 10 up to our listeners, readers and followers! However, we noticed that if we followed that rule, we would be leaving our site favourite Siggy up to the whims of you all. We didn’t want to take that risk so for that reason we have only NINE spots available for selection… 3 midfielders, 5 forwards and 1 defender!! Call it Siggy insurance!!!


Please vote below and share the link with your friends! Best of luck in FPL ELITE 50 and in our cash games on, and remember to check out the range of FPL T-shirts available on



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