The #FPL season kicks off TODAY!! By now you should have gone through a few “drafts” and were probably tinkering to the early hours of this morning. As far as I know tinkering is not a euphemism by the way. 🙂 That being said, I haven’t tinkered as much as I did last season as I settled on a team reasonably quickly so watch me get the dreaded 40 points or less now! I generally don’t pay too much attention to the teams I see on my Twitter time line. Rate my team or #RMT tweets are usually made by people wanting to boast about their squads rather than wanting genuine advice.

Going into #GW1, I have picked a squad based on players who I think have played well in preseason and who on paper have good fixtures in the first 3 weeks. I also made a consideration for highly owned players. For any new players to #FPL, you can view player ownership, by clicking the transfer tab, then in the ‘player selection’, choose sorted by and then scroll down to ‘teams selected by %’. By mid-late September teams will be settled so I will start looking for lowly owned players (differentials in #FPL jargon) to help me climb my mini leagues. But for now, I can’t afford to take risks by not having players like Kane (36.6%) or Lukaku (48.5%) who will be heavily captained.

If Kane or Lukaku play poorly in the first few games you can always make the tough decision to sell or bench them. However, if they score big in GW1 and you don’t own them you will already be playing catch up in your mini leagues. Again, with captain/vice captain choices, I will try to be clever/risky later in the season but definitely NOT in #GW1.
*at the time of writing this.



#GW1 kicks off this evening at 7.45pm, followed by games at 12.30pm & 5.30pm on Saturday and again at 1.30pm & 4.00pm on Sunday. I always try to have at least 1 player in those matches to add more excitement to my viewing. It also gives me a bit of hope going into the last match if I’m having a bad game week. As always, this is just the way I play #FPL but always play by your OWN rules.

As I mentioned earlier my current squad will just be for 3 weeks. As a rule of thumb, I always give players 3 matches to impress and if they don’t, it makes the decision to sell them easier. There’s nothing worse than buying a player one week, selling them the following week because they didn’t score / get a clean sheet, only for them to score highly the following week! Just have faith in your decisions and remember, you bought that player because you saw something special in a recent game so give them a proper chance to repay your faith. Obviously, there are exceptions to this i.e injuries, suspensions or if they have 3 tough upcoming fixtures against top 6 sides.

My last tactic is that I have my team and captain locked in since last night to avoid any technical issues. In recent years, the #FPL servers have crashed on the opening day or people have had issues logging in the app so make sure you don’t leave anything to chance.



So if you work or study during the day, I would strongly urge you to get your team locked in right away! I would also suggest doing this via the Barclays fantasy Premier League website as opposed to the smart phone app. This is just another measure to make sure your team definitely get locked in. Finally, make sure you keep up to date with team & transfer news before finalising your team.

FYI, I am playing in a few cash mini leagues this year so trust me I have already started fretting about the fact that I will NOT be captaining Lukaku… Oh the joys of FPL!!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this, the very best of luck to you! Kuda