So the dust has settled after the return of Premier League football at the weekend. Some are sitting smugly with high scores and a decent #GW1 overall ranking (OR) whilst others are ruing last minute transfers and captain switches! No one likes going into work on a Monday at the best of times but it’s even worse when you have a terrible week in #FPL. All those hours, days or weeks of obsessive/meticulous planning and it is all for nothing! I seem to start poorly every year and then end up making rage transfers! But I’m finally learning from my mistakes.

Time to look back at the Gameweek that was, and ahead at the games to come.


Looking Back: Avoid Buyers Remorse

After the last match had finished, I picked up my phone, opened the FPL site and tried to see how my team would look after a -4/-8 points hit to “repair the damage”. However, I didn’t hit the ‘confirm transfers’ button. I just knew the frustration I felt after Sunday would be even worse next week, if I saw the players I transferred out score high in #GW2! I need to keep reminding myself that I picked my team with 3 weeks in mind, so I have to stick to that plan despite the burning temptation to tinker. As it stands, barring any last minute moments of madness, my players are getting another week to impress.

Incidentally, a score of 53 points which was below the average (58) was the source of my frustrations. The icing on the cake was my captain getting a yellow card and a whopping 2 points…step forward, Mr Harry Kane! Truth is, Kane was unlucky not to score at least 1 after hitting the post so no need to ship him out especially when he has 2 great home matches coming up. So my OR is 2,417,357 out of 4,322,608 (at the time of writing). As they say, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint..” so don’t be disheartened if you’re in the same boat as me. If you scored higher than average then take your smugness elsewhere, this article isn’t for you! ?


Looking Forward: Forget OR for the time being

Those of you with a current low OR can also take solace from the fact that record numbers registered teams in time for #GW1 so the scores you achieved are bound to be lower than the 2016/17 season. i.e I scored 61 points last season and ended up with an OR 221,296 after #GW1. Where as in 2017/18 due to the higher volume of managers, a score of 61 points will earn you an OR of circa 1,669,290!! I never ended a week with a lower OR than 326,183 last year so I’m not sure if I should be worried…? Anyway, just focus on your mini league rivals. I am aiming to catch the managers just a few places ahead of me first. Ignore the person in 1st for now. Otherwise you will end up taking too many risks.


Beware of the bandwagons

Every Tom, Dick and Harriet will be telling you that you need to buy Hegazi (WBA), Kolasinac (ARS), Salah (LIV), Mounie (HUD), Vokes (BUR), Vardy (LEI) and now Alexander-Arnold (LIV) after his free kick in the Champions League Qualifier! However, are they really essential and do they all have great upcoming fixtures? Only you can make that decision, but I will not dismantle my team to bring in bandwagon players after just one week. I always favour consistency so if the above players or those on my watch list perform well again this weekend I will definitely consider making transfers. The current plan is to bank a transfer this week. Full disclosure, I already have Hegazi (although I left him on the bench this week, doh!!), and Kolasinac and Alexander-Arnold are in my squad so I’m not trying to be Machiavellian or hypocritical.


Keep an eye on transfer/injury/suspension news

The talk last night was that Siggurdsson (SWA) £8.5m will be signing for Everton. If Lukaku (MUN) £11.5m was still at Everton, I would’ve loved that transfer for #FPL but it currently doesn’t appeal to me. At Swansea, Gylfi was the main man and all the creative play was through him but I think Everton already have enough creative players. Rooney (EVE) £7.5m, Klaassen (EVE) £7.5m, and Barkley (EVE) £7.5m (if he stays) will all be taking points off each other. It does, however, mean that Carroll (SWA) could be an absolute steal at £4.5m. I had him on the bench last week but I will definitely be starting him this week now even though they play Man Utd. He will hopefully be on more set pieces so I think it’s a risk worth taking.

Zaha (CRY) £7.0m is out and so he needs to be sold due to potential price drops. There are a few decent replacements for him, who have good fixtures in #GW2 such as Albrighton (LEI) £5.5m, Mooy (HUD) 5.5m (he might also provide Mounie with assists!), Ward- Prowse (SOU) £5.5m & Redmond (SOU) £6.5m. Special mention for Willian (CHE) £7.0m, but Chelsea play away at Spurs and Chelsea will be missing a few key players. Xhaka (ARS) is also an option but Stoke away is always a fiery affair so he could be a yellow/red card risk. In addition to those who have lost Zaha, Fabregas (CHE) £7.0m owners might want to consider those players as replacements.



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