Who is ready for another Fanfeud FPL Show?! This week is a very important one as we prepare for a 2 week break, every manager wants to go into the break on the back of a good result and we fantasy managers are no different!

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This week on the show we had three of our regular contributors, @FPLCoach, @FPLStag and @Marz05. They were hosted as always by Fanfeud’s own FPLMarple.



The topics covered:

  1. We review Gameweek 6, the hits, the misses and the downright tragedies! I mention a cool app which shows you how many points you would have if it had just set your lineup in GW1 and left it. Don’t look if your season is going bad, unless you’re a masochist. In which case I say knock yourself out. Click here
  2. Preview Gameweek 7, all the teams, all the players and who we will be keeping our eye on in each game.
  3. Play a game, this week entitled “Pick your Poison”. There are a lot of high performing players to choose from every week and so no matter what you choose to do, you will suffer at some point. We give our pundits a list of forwards, midfielders and defenders and ask them to first rank them in order of priority and explain why they think that Player X is their poison of choice.
  4. Wildcards: Every week wildcards come up at some point, and again this week in the listeners questions section of the show.
  5. The guys Barlow and Baldwin captain picks for Gameweek 7. One is the boring, reliable pick while one is risky, frisky and liable to leave you waiting heartbroken on your wedding day.
  6. The Update on our Listeners League! You can still join up at 464420-361939

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