For this season finale of the Fanfeud FPL Show, we made it a special one. To draw attention to testicular cancer and as a gesture of solidarity to our fellow FPL community member @FPL_Fly, we are awarding 10 extra points this GW in our #FPLELITE50 game on to listeners who join in the little wordplay game we took part in on tonight’s show.

Simply RT or reply the podcast tweet with the number of times the words “ball” “ballsy” or “Fly” get mentioned on tonight’s show, along with the hashtags #BallsOutForFly & #FlyingSouth, and you will have 10 points added to your Fanfeud tally. If you are playing for the final chance to win an #FPL Tshirt courtesy of sponsors, then include your Fanfeud username in the tweet!

On this season’s finale, our @FPLMarple was joined by @FPLStag, @NymfriaTV and @mtryseyyy. We hope you enjoy the show and thanks very much for listening this season! For more on testicular cancer awareness, Click Here


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