Host Dave O’Grady brought 3 more #FPL experts together on the Fanfeud couch to discuss the GW10 that was, and their tips for how to set up our teams in the gameweeks to come! Produced by Chorley Rocks of @Fanfootfirst, and featuring @FPLMarple, @Buffrey007 and @Kenny_Wallace_3 . Enjoy and please subscribe & share the word about the Fanfeud FPL Show among your friends!


The topics discussed this week include:

1. Premium players, who would you pick and why?

Sanchez and Aguero costs £24.1m. Costa and Hazard costs £20.1. If I gave you £25m for two premium players, who would you pick and why?


2. In the league we were all about to write off City. Then along comes 4 goals against the tight defence of West Brom. What’s going on at City and what does it mean for our FPL teams?

We look at what the resurgent City means for the outlook of Aguero, KdB, Sterling, Gundongan and even the Man City defence.


3. Chelsea have form and it feels like we have witnessed as power shift to the blues these last 3 weeks. Should we invest in their defences?

Facing Lukaku, Tottenham and Man City in next 4 fixtures… is it essential to ensure you have a Blues defender? Our panel discuss the options, including choosing between Alonso and Azpi.


4. How’s are our pundits own FPL teams doing, and what are their plans for this week?

Sometimes the best advice is what our pundits are doing with their own teams, here we find out what that is!


5. FPLELITE50 on

Who has won the FPL T-shirt courtesy of The winner is announced on the show!! Free to play, make sure your own name is in the hat for November. Simply pick 5 players each gameweek. With no budget limits, you are free to choose who you like!


6. Listener questions:

The best of your listener questions for GW11. Will you hear your name read out on the airwaves. Make sure you send them in to @Fanfeud each gameweek with the hashtag #FanfeudFPLShow and you could be the star of next week’s show!


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