After a Gameweek 15 in which there were more goals scored than in a typical Serie A season* and yet somehow most of the big hitters did little for their owners, it is straight into a new batch of Premier League matches we go. We know how much you love the Fanfeud FPL Show so we had to make sure we squeezed the show in to answer all those pressing questions you face ahead of the two gameweeks.

Get rid of Firmino? Who to get in for Austin? Does the number dial on your toaster mean time or temperature? Just what is going on at Manchester City? Most of those questions get answered on this week’s show! Also, find out who is in the lead for this month’s FPLELITE50 game on


The show is hosted by Dave O’Grady, the producer is Chorley Rocks of and this week’s guests are:


Mark Edworthy is a writer for FPL Academy and is aiming for a 4th top 20k finish in 5 seasons. He has created his own spreadsheet to work out the FPL players of choice and has challenged Chorley to a FanFeud FPL Elite50 duel this November. You can find Mark at @Buffrey007


Alex Hammond is a future Sports Journalist And broadcaster currently writing at Fantasy Football under the name Super Saint. He is a Southampton fan and plays FPL with his heart as much as his head. He can be found on twitter @sainthammond.


David Perdomo is a Colombian mathematician and football fan, who is enjoying combining his two passions: His recent cutting-edge statistical-research on effective passing was recently featured in the Times! You can find David @dperdomomeza1.


Remember to pick your 5 #FPLELITE50 players for GW16, and you could be in with a chance to win a fantastic shirt courtesy of! Good luck!


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